Friday, April 24, 2015

Do nothing in the Airport

When i have nothing can do in the Airport but only free WiFi for an hour time... Let's blog again! Is very long wait till my flight at 10:40pm. Checking the peoples rushing to queue for boarding, can't wait to go home meet their love one, an ending for their family trip and so on...

What about me? I'm waiting the time to go back the reality and start my working journey again. Gosh... isn't this getaway trip a little bit too short?! Just a 3D2N getaway to keep me revive from all the dumb things i did? Well... Life wasn't like what we wish to be.

Ring the bell, bell ringing
Queue to back, Queue to go
Journey start, journey end
Broken heart or Happy soul

People come, people gone
Fill with noise, left with peace
Look at left, look at right
No one else but me, myself

What's on mind, What's in heart
Clear your mind and ask your heart
Those you miss, have it gone
Those you care, have it stay

Word of wisdom, voice of wise
Where to go, Where to stay
Guide me through with your words
Lead me there with your voice

Here it is, here it is
The tiny star that shine in dark
Bring me there
A place called Home

Tired soul, tired heart
Get a rest, get some peace
Sky turns bright
You've reborn...

I'm really sleepy now waiting for my turn to boarding and i do hope to have good sleep tonight and not chasing whole night by ghost in dream anymore. When the sky turn bright again tomorrow, I have REBORN~  =) hope my broken manglish didn't bored you.

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