Friday, April 24, 2015

Do nothing in the Airport

When i have nothing can do in the Airport but only free WiFi for an hour time... Let's blog again! Is very long wait till my flight at 10:40pm. Checking the peoples rushing to queue for boarding, can't wait to go home meet their love one, an ending for their family trip and so on...

What about me? I'm waiting the time to go back the reality and start my working journey again. Gosh... isn't this getaway trip a little bit too short?! Just a 3D2N getaway to keep me revive from all the dumb things i did? Well... Life wasn't like what we wish to be.

Ring the bell, bell ringing
Queue to back, Queue to go
Journey start, journey end
Broken heart or Happy soul

People come, people gone
Fill with noise, left with peace
Look at left, look at right
No one else but me, myself

What's on mind, What's in heart
Clear your mind and ask your heart
Those you miss, have it gone
Those you care, have it stay

Word of wisdom, voice of wise
Where to go, Where to stay
Guide me through with your words
Lead me there with your voice

Here it is, here it is
The tiny star that shine in dark
Bring me there
A place called Home

Tired soul, tired heart
Get a rest, get some peace
Sky turns bright
You've reborn...

I'm really sleepy now waiting for my turn to boarding and i do hope to have good sleep tonight and not chasing whole night by ghost in dream anymore. When the sky turn bright again tomorrow, I have REBORN~  =) hope my broken manglish didn't bored you.

Naam OMG

Finally the last day here. I allow myself to roll on the bed till 10:30am and i can't take it anymore. Let's get up to bath and pack. Argh! Time to go back reality after few days eat, sleep and walk here. But at least i have some returned that i have a fresh mind and good start again.

After check out, carrying my hand carry luggage and walking like a mammoth to the restaurant i went last night but closed. I must try it before i leave! Guess my stomach really well feed by me and i don't really feel too hungry even already lunch time. After sat down, let's take a look at the menu, there are quite a few main dishes looks really interesting such as beef burger, pasta  and some other western food. Not he name interesting but the description of the food. Nah, i can't recall how they describe but you will just feel delicious from those words. They are one of the restaurant awarded 5 stars by Tripadvisor.

Let's have something light today for my first meal, Mushroom soup.. Forest mushroom soup they named it and i hope this round i can get the real wild mushroom. Let's add on with some vege, Casaer Salad with egg, streaky beef bacon, Parmesan cheese... Ya i still the cheese lover and i can't deny it even i said i will take something light.

FINALLY! IS REALLY WILD MUSHROOM SOUP after all ! Nothing much to describe about wild mushroom soup. Those who love mushroom soup should know from the picture. Look at the colour and you should know the texture and taste are good and it comes with a piece of bread. Potion is not really big, you might need to order something else to keep your stomach full. If you are strictly on diet, then you can just go for this soup itself. This soup cost you RM 18 and i think is reasonable for it quality.
Let's look at the salad. WOW... look at the cheeseeeee on top of all the vege... This salad also cost RM 18.
I never know there is a surprise until i split away all the cheese slices... There is egg there yo... i nearly accidentally poke into my favorite egg yolk! Luckily haven't reach it.
The salad taste quite good just the streaky beef bacon a little too hard for me. The cheese they put in this salad are definitely generous! This salad also not a big portion, you probably can have it after the soup then you will feel just the right potion for lunch.

Oh ya... what have i ordered for drinks? No beer again, and the bartender intro me one of their signature 'OMG cooler'. Get to know from him this drinks are mixture of pineapple juice, ginger ale and some other ingredients. This drinks are definitely refreshing and cooling during this hot weather. Is really good recommendation and well done!
Their service are quite good and served us with cold towel in this hot weather. Staff are polite and well manner, just that the manpower might be an issue when you need someone, you gotta wait for a moment. Maybe during dinner time will be better.

Date : 24th April 2015, Friday (Sunny)
Venue : Naam OMG
Location : In front of Cenang Mall (Opposite Chatime/Starbucks)

Yellow Cafe

Walked past this Naam OMG grilled bar & restaurant many times but never try their food before. But I'm unlucky to choose the wrong day to dine in. They usually close early on Thursday night at 8:30pm might due to Night Market nearby caused less traffic here. But they used to have live band during night time.

Since they are open 12pm onwards, i decided to visit them on the next day and move to another place ... Yellow Cafe which is a cafe & bar on the beach.

There are actually a narrow corridor walk in to the beach and you will see your left is beach bar and right will be the restaurant. What i can say is the view and the overall environment are really good. Enjoy drinks on the beach but with proper seating which is fantastic for those who don't like to get dirty sitting on the beach. 
They don't really have much choice but is enough for you to have different variants you think of. They have sandwiches, pizza, pasta, chicken, lamb, beef, seafood and of course some starter. Each of the category they have 2 - 3 choices but pizza, beef and sandwiches will have more.  Due to i been eating and drinking the whole day non-stop, my stomach is complaining me feed them too much. Ended up i ordered white sauce spaghetti with chicken & mushroom. While waiting for the meal, let's enjoy the seaview and windy night.

Tar dang ! Here is my white sauce spaghetti. Basically it not really white sauce like creamy carbonara, it more like brown creamy sauce. Sorry on the picture quality due to night time my phone camera is really bad. Another disappointment here is not wild mushroom again. Overall the taste are fine but not too high expectation on it ya. I shall say the price a bit pricey for the quality and no mosquitoes repellent there. Once i done with the food and drinks i leave the place. Maybe it will be better if visit them at noon time at least you less headache on the mosquito love bites.

Date : 23rd April 2015, Thursday (Windy)
Venue : Yellow Cafe 
Location : Cenang Beach (small junction to turn in before The Cliff Restaurant junction)

Wakaba Japanese Restaurant

After the country feel morning breakfast digested, time to enjoy one of my Japanese cuisine now~
This Japanese restaurant not much attraction from far or it outlook. It located at 1st Floor of Cenang Mall and you might miss it if you didn't really look around.

What will come to your mind when i tell you Japanese cuisine and located at Cenang Mall. Definitely you will think of bloody price should be damn high. No worries, they have this set menu which cost from RM 20 - RM 50. This restaurant also awarded 4 1/2 stars by tripadvisor.

What a hot weather here at beach is even 'hotter'! What will you do? Beer? No to me but Cold Sake yo! I'm not sure are you a sake person, but in the hot afternoon take a sip of cold sake and the fruity aroma in your throat make you feel is so cooling yet refreshing. ahhhhh..... This is the second time i saw this traditional cold sake container. Normally they will just use ice to chill the bottle instead. This do really add some credit on food presentable to this restaurant. It wont be too expensive for the sake, it cost RM 33 for this and actually enough for 2 persons sharing.

What should i order? I'm not a very adventurous person to try their mackerel or Sashimi, so end up i order Chicken Sioyaki set. What is the set come with? Vege Salad, Tamago Taufu, Miso Soup, Rice & Fruits. And this set only cost you RM20, and if you order green tea that cost you RM 4. In total RM 24 you can have a complete meal is consider the cheapest food along Cenang beach.
Oh ya, you might doubt that all the waiters seems not local but no doubt their chef is really Japanese, i happen to saw him once on my last visit. The taste of food are slightly different. Let me intro you one by one what is the different with what we have normally.

Lets talk a bout the Salad first. You might find it nothing special with some soy sauce looking dressing. But when the moment you put in your mouth, there is an aroma that very familiar and you just can't describe it. What is that taste?! You definitely ate before and just can't recall in a sudden. Argh! Is Wasabi taste! You can't really know it is Wasabi when you first try, it won't be that chocking as the Wasabi in your mind, it just only a very mild aroma of it to make this salad more unique and special.

Let's move on to the next... Tamago Taufu. It just looks like a normal taufu but why i name it Tamago Taufu? You should know there is yellowish round tube shape 'Japanese Taufu' we call it normally can get from wet market and they always claim the different is Japanese Taufu made with egg. This is what i really call 'Japanese Taufu' and it really contain egg in there. In Japanese, they called egg as Tamago so i named it Tamago Taufu. If hard for me to show you how soft is this Taufu but what i did is use a pair of chopstick to cut it. I don't even need to use much strength, just slightly move my fingers and it cut thru the Taufu.
Let's talk about the taste after the texture. I'm a failure on traditional chopstick holding, so i must use spoon to help carry it up till my mouth. When you put in your mouth, try not to chew it but let it melt by pushing with your tongue. When it melt in your mouth and there is a strong aroma of Tamago surround your mouth as well. There you will feel, this is really Tamago Taufu.

The main dish Chicken Sioyaki! What it mean? I seriously not so sure but from my understanding should be salted chicken. It really taste like salted chicken but with additional point on it skin. Not so sure who they cook this chicken but you can taste this is salted chicken with slight crispy chicken skin. It is not like fried chicken skin that crispy, but it like you grilled it BBQ way and the skin become slight crispy. This are one of the good dish to eat along with Japanese rice that have a bit of sticky. It just feel perfect to eat with rice. But friendly reminder, don't order garlic fried rice with this ya, you might find it too salty after all.

Besides 3 of this, i shall mentioned about the miso soup. The ingredient of miso soup is just nice and with quality control. You will not find those common seaweed in this miso soup but you find the better quality and thicker seaweed in it. Overall you can taste is fresh daily miso soup with good ingredient. Sorry due to heavy rain coming, not manage to get pictures of it. To me, i will definitely visit this Japanese Restaurant again if i have chance. There are still so much food i should discover from their menu.

Date : 23rd April 2015, Thursday (Gloomy)
Venue : Wakaba Japanese Restaurant
Location : 1st Floor Cenang Mall (Opposite Chocolate duty free shop)

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The English Tea Room & Coffee Bar

Wake up in the morning, water heater not working! Argh!!! Let's have a refreshing cold water bath before heading to my english breakfast place.

I'm not sure only me or this is true, i find that is quite hard to get a proper western breakfast place along Pantai Cenang. So far i only spotted 2 and today I'm heading to one of it which looks more country feel.

Looking at the outside of the shop, not a very attractive shop and looks a bit running down. Maybe due to all year expose under the hot sun. The waiter open the door and greet me Good Morning, the moment i step into this shop, the feel is totally different with it outside. Wooden furniture, floral printed table cloths and small sofa corner to relax. All their deco relate to UK and overall feel very Britain.

Well, all the staff here are very friendly and polite. Really a good place to start your morning with warm greetings and sunny smile. Looking at the menu, 'English Breakfast Set' that is what i looking for! You can choose either 5 sides for RM 22 or 7 sides for RM 25. I took 5 sides due to i do not like grilled tomatoes and baked beans. This breakfast set comes with drinks (Coffee, Tea or Orange Juice). They are one of the restaurant recommended by tripadvisor as well.Their smoothie/milkshake seems one of the signature as well but I'm too full to order that as well.

While waiting for my breakfast to be ready, i look around this little shop and try to enjoy the environment here. Am i still in Pantai Cenang or I'm at somewhere else. The feel are totally different with the Britain wall photos, curtains and most classic is the music! You must be very curious what music that makes me so excited. Well, for people at my age will definitely enjoy and miss it so much. They play all the boy band songs. 98 degree - I do, Back Street Boy, the boy bands who kill all of us in a blink of eyes. I'll never break your heart, As long as you love me and many more! All this really make my mood relax and recall the old days which less complicated, simple yet happy.

After 10 minutes recall of young time and laugh at myself, my breakfast is here!
Nothing too special compare to what you used to eat in KL. But for Langkawi, this English breakfast can consider one of the precious. I don't think is easy for you to find breakfast like this. Even tho their salted mushroom is not wild mushroom and that make me a bit disappointed but sometimes... something imperfect in life make the whole thing perfect. Mushroom not as expected nice but somehow it make the rest more tasty and precious. But to be honest, April is a low season in Langkawi and very risky for them to keep the easy expired wild mushroom just to fulfill my crave. Food or life, there will be disappointment and imperfect and make your life more perfect. Not to be too negative when you feel disappointed. Try to look at it at different view and you still can get what you want in future, just not this time. =)

Date : 23rd April 2015, Thursday (Sunny)
Venue : The English Tea Room & Coffee Bar
Location : Cenang Street (Opposite McD / Zon Duty Free)

My French Factory @ Pantai Cenang, Langkawi

In a not very hot evening, walking along at the Cenang street with undecided mind on what to eat for dinner, SUDDENLY there is something catch my eyes and my noisy stomach drag me to the shop immediately!

Look at the signboard with writing of 'My French Factory', awww... French just make me feel so romantic and handsome guy. hahahaha... Still remember i saw once someone having the egg crepe looking thing on my last trip but didn't get to try. NOW,TODAY, THIS MOMENT... Let's try it!

At first, are you a egg or cheese person? If you are not, you might not get attract by this. Flipping the menu and i decide to try salty crepe, smoked beef slices + egg + cheese. For those cheese lover, you can definitely add on more and more cheese as you like. They even have 3 types of cheese crepe to fulfill your crave!

Next, i have choose Pink Lemonade to match with my main course due to you might get a bit too much creamy taste if you go for milkshake. Definitely their milkshake look nice and tempting to me, especially they have banana milkshake. Damn!

After all the description, let's take a look at the food now!

Nah... you might said this just a fried egg looking flour thingy. Nope! You are wrong. They use traditional Galettes by wheat flour and you will not discover the fantastic taste before you cut it and put in your mouth. Let me show you the next moment of eyes popping moment when i cut it! Yum yum....
Look at the melted cheese wrap in the it and welly mix the taste of smoked beef slices with eggs... You will not believe the taste of all mix together but it just too nice and indescribable. I shall say, is a MUST TRY if you are in this area. You also can choose your way to eat it. As the shop owner just too nice to make all the folded side are filled with beef slices + melted cheese and egg. Every inch, every centimeter.

I choose to eat half of it and i attack the egg yolk! Just cut it out from the shape and suck it all in one shot! Definitely there will be some still running away from you mouth and drip on the plate. If you are egg lover like me you will never miss it anyway. Cut another piece of the Galettes and wipe up the egg yolk on the plate. That is how you feel satisfy with this French Salty Crepe.

Of course, with all these yummy creamy food, for sure we will need something sour to encounter the taste and for ladies, to feel better after some fattening food. Pink Lemonade will be one of the best choice to ease the over filled feeling and give you a refreshing taste during this hot weather as well. One of the best combination i have today!

Date : 22th April 2015 (Wednesday)
Venue : My French Factory
Location : Cenang Street (shops after Cenang Mall)

Saturday, April 18, 2015


星期天   晴