Sunday, November 29, 2009

Any nice Western Food in Seremban?

Seremban has few Western food restaurant if you know the place well, but everyone are complaint the taste is not as nice as last time.
Fireworkz, the new discover Western food place in Seremban and reasonable price. Which i have to thanks Jolene, my partner introduce it to me.

Date : 26th Nov 2009

Venue : Fireworkz, Lobak (Seremban)
Time : 9:30pm (freaking jam that night)
Guest : My family

Have to apologize at the first place, due to the traffic that night is really crazy and everyone can know it through radio as well. By the time i reach Seremban already 9:30pm with my poor noisy stomach. Pity my 'driver' as well.
Due to i 'celaka hungry' and when the time i reach, everyone already finished their foods. T.T not much pictures, but promise will take mor
e next time.

Chicken chop with mushroom sauce. Is a set meal which come with dessert and drinks.

A new style of spaghetti. Spaghetti in pork gravy. The taste is nice but sorry for muslim, is non halal. Also under set meal which comes with dessert and drink.

The total bill for 4 set meal and add on 2 drinks only RM 48 and not even more than RM 50. If you was looking for western food in Seremban, try this out!


jojoindahouse said...

how can a PD gal intro Sban food to a Sban gal ? hahaha :p

My WonderMall said...

so bad so bad =P next time intro PD's famous food to you!

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